Another website about Parkinson’s Disease

This is about my personal experience with PD a  journey with faith-based coping.

Some key reference dates:

November 17, 2016. My neurologist confirmed the diagnosis

Parkinson’s Disease.


October 31, 2019. I had Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.  (DBS) Part 1.


 December 7, 2019. I had DBS surgery. Part 2.


 October 1, 2022. Retirement began with new insight and  understanding. I was inspired to change my attitude and actions.


While Parkinson’s changes my brain, I have the opportunity to  transform my mind. 


Podcast and blog will chronicle my learning (including lessons learned the hard way) about managing the uncontrollable and  consistently living to keep the disease from winning.

Other patients may recognize similarities with their own struggles and mine. I invite and welcome them to share their experience.

I hope that you who have a personal connection with Parkinson’s (along with the simply curious), will increase in your awareness and understanding of the disease.

-Dale Schultz







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